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V Motion Project Revolutionizes Visual DJing
19th December

Always a fan of unbelievable technology, I think Christmas may have come early this year in the form of the V Motion project. It currently looks like this.

Utilizing laser tracking technology through two Kinect devices, each movement or action of the performer has become tied to a sound generator or effect in Ableton Live. To see this in action, view the following video from the beginning instead of at my time marker, and you’ll see the dancer testing the sound responsiveness. It took a very very dedicated and diverse team of technological wizards to build this program from concept to crazy cool. Even better, this technology is currently Generation 1 (if even attaining that level), so imagine how this might look in a few years’ time.

Okay, so it’s beyond cool. Especially when you consider that this is how it all began:

V Motion System Diagram

V Motion VJ Gear Green Man

On an interesting side note, the client for this project was New Zealand soft-beverage manufacturer Frucor. Who’dve guessed.

Frucor V Energy

For a fascinating discussion from the project leads on their own experiences creating this technology, check out the following articles:

V Motion Tech: How We Built It
V Motion: The Visuals

Stafford Bros sign to Young Money
17th December

Recent headliners and Control friends "Stafford Brothers" announced that they have signed to the Cash Money roster headed by Birdman and Lil Wayne. Stafford Brothers Fox8 DJs This signifies YMCMB's first real venture into EDM, although Young Money artists have previously released tracks flowing over electric beats including this gem by Birdman spittin' over "The Longest Road". Of course, this was before Pitbull and Flo-Rida had really begun pillaging iconic sounds. Birdman explains; “The Stafford Brothers blew me away with their energy, superb production skills and strong remixes... Their music may have a party vibe, but that didn’t fool Slim and I. With their ownership of nightclubs, their own reality television show, international tours and dedication to their craft, we knew the Stafford Brothers were serious and would fit right in with the hard-working YMCMB family.” This move represents Hip-Hop's next major venture into the global Electronic movement since Jay-Z signed Dutch heavyweight Sander Van Doorn to Roc Nation, joining the UK's Chase & Status. The Young Money relationship blossomed out of the Stafford Brothers collaboration with Lil Wayne and Christina Milian called "Hello" to be released soon. The as-of-yet-unreleased track has been tearing up clubs across the country, and sounds like this: In the words of the brothers themselves; "Every artist that we were keen to collaborate with seemed to be part of the YMCMB family,” says Matt Stafford. “We had the chance to attend Lil Wayne’s 30th birthday party and spend time with Birdman, Slim, Lil Wayne and the whole crew and we felt right at home amongst the family. We knew we could do great work under Slim & Birdman’s direction, with the YMCMB artists.” Adds Chris Stafford, “There was no question. Hailing from Australia, what could be better than signing to Cash Money Records, an iconic US label that has a global fan base?" Taking the time to answer some questions direct from us, Matt Stafford had the following to say: [blockquote author=""] WL: What made you choose Cash Money as a label? SB: When coming to the USA we really wanted to collaborate with US artists. Cash money has an amazing stable of artists, with several we wanted to work with. The fact we are EDM producers and performers makes it something different, new and exciting for all involved. WL: Is the rumor true that you guys were/are required to get YMCMB tattoos once you signed? SB: I have always wanted to get a squashed ant tattooed on the underside of my big toe. If the cash money crew need us to do it Im down!! [/blockquote] Someone tell Weezy to jump on that ink challenge! Matt and Chris Stafford came to Cash Money Records through a dance music joint venture with CHM, and also are the stars of an Australian reality TV show on Fox8. Nima Nasseri of CHM will be spearheading the Stafford Brothers project.

Al Walser Trolls 2012 Grammys
8th December

The Grammys are the highest musical honors awarded annually in America, hosted by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences since 1958. The Grammys didn't feature an award specifically for EDM until 1998, when the first Grammy for "Best Dance Recording" was awarded to the "Queen of Disco" Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder for "Carry On". At that time, the award was situated within the Pop category. In 2003, the Best Dance Recording award was moved into its own "Dance" Category. Not much else in the Grammy's EDM programming changed for nearly a decade, until this year, where the EDM categories blossomed to include "Best Dance/Electronica Album" and "Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical" and also a notable nomination for Diplo in the "Best Producer" category. The following artists each deserve praise for their accomplishments in even getting recognized by the Academy... Wait a minute, who's that last guy? Amongst the who's 'who' of pop EDM in America, in the running for Best Dance Recording of the year alongside heavyweights Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Avicii, and the Swedish House Mafia, is a song that no one has ever heard of, produced by a guy that no one has ever heard of. Well scratch that, as of this writing, Al Walser's Twitter has 587 followers, so I guess there's that. Grammy Troll Twitter Al Walser In any case, the Academy states that the goal of the Grammys is to "honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position". So, to be fair, let's see what this Grammy nominated track sounds like. Wait, is this the four-to-the-floor version of that hideousFriday song? Maybe not-so coincidentally, Mr. Walser is the Owner and CEO of Cut The Bull Entertainment, the 1) Record Label 2) Music Management 3) Video Production and 4) Distribution company behind all of Al Walser's music. Well that's not too strange right? Everyone has their own imprints these days, Al is just a busy media mogul. Hell, he's even the author of a best-selling book: Al Walser Making it Big Oh... Well done Grammys. Then there's this little gem. Grammy Nominees 2012 I get it. Al Walser is simply the next best troll to crawl out of the dark, grimy frontier called the internets. This lends some weight to the idea that perhaps Al Walser is just a stage name, and the real genius is someone else we all know and might recognize. Maybe the mau5 finally got good at actual trollin' instead of his usual dick moves, deadmau5 dick move skrillex grammys or maybe mau5 awakened something terrible on his journeys into /mu/ and the nether regions of the internet. Personally, I'm starting to think the mau5 just likes causing mischief at the Grammys; you'll notice that his infamous 'u mad bro' moment also happened at the Grammys. Regardless, speculation abounds on the internet as to the true identity of Al Walser. Morgan Page's money is on Borat, while Rukes+Kill the Noise believe its UZ.

Halo 4 Remix Contest
23rd October

One of the most celebrated successes in gaming history, not to mention the proud owner of the inalienable distinction of being Microsoft's flagship title on its (now) wildly popular XBox console for a number of years, the Halo series is particularly beloved to this author. I might go as far as to say that 100% of the cool kids under 25 have an instinctive understanding of Halo action. And by instinctive, I mean that Halo has sucked hundreds of hours of our lives. In the best way possible. For the latest manifestation of the iconic franchise, 343 Industries announced a remix contest by releasing tracks from some of EDM's brightest international lights, including Sander Van Doorn, Caspa, Gui Boratto, and relative newcomer Alvin Risk. As you'll see in the captivating trailer that follows, what drew these talented minds to the Halo project was Neil Davidge's poetically deep original score, and for good reason; Neil Davidge was a co-writer of Massive Attack's timeless albums "Mezzanine," "100th Window," and "Heligoland". Peep the video, catch some of the higher profile submissions, and then pick up the free stems for your own brilliant remix, which may be featured in an upcoming advertisement, or placed into the game itself. That would be an achievement worth adding to anyone’s Xbox brag sheet.

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