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The M Machine (Live), Calvertron, Torro Torro + More
18th September
San Francisco based trio THE M MACHINE are bringing their live show to Control this week- a self-described journey up and the spiral down, showcasing their entire catalog of music. Using live synths, samples and vocals, they perform while also bringing an aesthetically pleasing experience for the audience: a custom light instrument that they designed, built, and programmed in the shape of an "M." Using a laptop and ipad to trigger the music and lights, they're able to synchronize their show to give the ultimate M Machine performance. CALVERTRONTORRO TORROFIGO, and SLDGHMR will also be joining the party. RSVP for our discount list by sending full names to iparty@whiteliteproductions.net by 6PM Friday (21+). Tickets can also be purchased HERE. Follow the artists on Twitter: @The_M_Machine // @calvertron // @Torro_Torro // @figonyc // @Sldghmrofficial
Swedish House Mafia: The End of an Era
14th September
In late 2008, three friends and producers came together to form what the entire world soon came to know as the Swedish House Mafia. Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Axwell began gaining notoriety as a trio in 2009, when they teamed up with fellow electronic big-name Laidback Luke to create the massive club anthem, "Leave the World Behind." (If somehow you missed the music video, check it out HERE). A year later in 2010 they released "One," which will without a doubt be remembered as one of SHM's biggest hits. After premiering the song at world-renowned Winter Music Conference in Miami that year, it became apparent that they were onto something. Their energy, paired with their musical backgrounds, set the stage for their takeover. Here we are two years later, and the era of Swedish House Mafia is coming to a close. In June they announced that they will soon be embarking on their final tour, and that the Mafia will be ending. While this is bittersweet news to some, we can't help but wonder if this could be a blessing in disguise- after all, when one door closes, another door opens- and the solo work that they were focusing on pre-SHM was, without a doubt, quality house music. Is this the last we'll see of the Swedish trio? We doubt it. But until we hear more, we say our farewells to the Mafia as they release their final tour dates and wrap up four years that the dance music world will surely remember forever. Be sure to check out www.onelasttour.com to receive updates on the Swedes, and watch the music video for their latest single, "Don't You Worry Child," below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y6smkh6c-0
Excision, ETC!ETC!, KillaGraham & More
11th September
Hailing from British Columbia, EXCISION has been making waves in the dubstep scene for quite a few years now. This young producer has had releases on Deadmau5's label Mau5trap, collaborated with fellow dubstep giants Downlink and and Datsik, and even runs his own label, Rottun Recordings. LA based ETC!ETC! has had released on labels Mad Decent, Southern Fried, and Party Like Us, among others. He's received support by big-names Dillon Francis, Diplo, Bro Safari, and Nadastrom. KILLAGRAHAMBONES and PRODUCE & DESTROY will also be joining us on Friday. To RSVP for our discount list (21+), send full names to iparty@whiteliteproductions.net by 6PM Friday. Discount price TBA; check back soon. Tickets can also be purchased HERE. Follow the artists on Twitter: @Excision // @IAMETC // @KillaGraham // @trevorBONES // @producedestroy
Spreading the Gospel of Trouble & Bass: Interview with Drop The Lime
7th September
There are certain artists who've managed to find a niche in the scene that is all their own. Enter Luca Venezia, better known as DROP THE LIME- label boss of Trouble & Bass, DJ, producer, live performer, and style connoisseur- who has not only found that niche, but made it his home. We got the chance to catch up with the New York native in celebration of his return to Control & the recent release of his album, Enter the Night. Don't miss him tonight at Avalon, and be sure to grab his track "Outlaws" for free!
WL: You're arguably the first person to successfully infuse rockabilly and dance music together. Was this crossover your vision from the beginning, or did it happen organically?
DTL: Im just combining my first musical roots with what I love in electronic music. I guess it began after re-playing a sample on the guitar when we couldnt clear  it on my single,  Hot As Hell from a few years back...and developed from there.
WL: You're known for both your DJ sets and live performances. Which do you prefer?
DTL: I absolutely love DJng, because I can venture into various genres and mix them about. Live, the energy is always heavier.. I get lost and open up personally with the crowd.. Theyre both very different experiences, so I cant say I like one more than the other. I love both. WL: You recently released your album Enter the Night- can you tell us a little bit about it?
DTL: Enter The Night is about the love affair I have with the night, the mysterious romance of the dark, and the life a city breathes into people when they step into the shadows.
It was a slow but organize progression to incorporate the music that has inspired me to become a musician since a child. Blues, rockabilly, western music has always tapped a core in me, and Dance music has always been stimulating and got me riled up for the night. It was only inevitable I eventually combined the two.
WL: Are you still rocking the gold tooth?
DTLHad it since I was 18,  will have it forever.
WL: Drink of choice?
DTL: I'm a big Rye and Bourbon fan. I've been on an Old Pal kick lately.
WL: Anything funny or unusual on your rider?
DTLI have to be picked up in a black matte Ford Fairline with Patsy Cline or Janis Martin playing in the car and 2 beautiful pin ups in the back.
WL: What could we find in your music library when you were 16?
DTLWu-Tang Clan 36 chambers, Fugazi Red Medicine, Tom Waits Bone Machine, Ed Rush & Optical's Wormhole.
WL: What are your favorite spots to frequent in your hometown of New York?
DTLFor cocktails I love Maison Premiere, and Dram. Driggs has the best slice. The Flat has the best rowdy times w/ fellow DJ's.
WL: You're always looking sharp, whether you're dressed up or dressed down. Do you have any style icons? Favorite designers?
DTL: Grazie, amico! Karl Lagerfeld is forever strong, as is Izzue and BLK DNM.
WL: You lived in Berlin for a period of time. What was your experience like there in regards to the music scene?
DTL: It was an epic year. I became re-introduced to exciting and new Techno and House - influencing me to take the career path as a DJ seriously. The after hour memories there are irreplaceable.
WL: You come from a family of artists; who are some non-musical inspirations of yours?
DTL: I love all films by David Lynch, Terry Gilliam, and Jim Harmusch. Very inspiring to me. I also love the art of Damien Hirst, Sol Lewitt, Michael Venezia, and Carol Venezia.
WL: Aside from touring, what else does this year have in store for you? Any collaborations we can look out for?
DTL: A lot of new projects this year. 
We have expanded our releases on T&B to evolve outside of the club realm.
Im collaborating with rock, punk and goth bands based in Brooklyn to do singles together - CREEP, Jail Bail, Death Set, Bosco Delrey to name a few. I'm  teaming up w/ designers to do more fashion collaborations - Zana Bayne, Bijules to name a couple as well... and scoring a short film for Nobody Under The Sun.. A lot going on, keeping busy keeps me sane. 
No Sleep is the best sleep.